My errors

I had some errors when I wrote articles.I show some examples.

First, I wrote "red:level1" but I must have written  "red: level 1".

Second, I wrote "A.He" but I must have written "A. he.".

Third, I wrote sereies but I must have written series.

I want to be careful from now on.


Comments on the course.

I learned three things in this course.

First, the word we use daily is used as  a academic word in a different meaning.
In this course, I  have known such  many words.My major is English.Therefore, I have to read and write academic English sentences so I must acquire much English knowledge.

Second, we must write many compositions in English to improve our English skills.When I was high school student, I would write many English compositions.However, I don't write many English compositions now.Thus, I feel my English writing skill is falling.I want to write English diary every night to improve my English skill.

Third, I found it interesting  to read English books.We read some kinds of English books to write reviews.I imagined reading English books is very difficult but I enjoyed.Therefore, I want to read many English books and write reviews.

Thank you for teaching us English.
I was able to have wonderful experiences.

Exercises 3

1.As can show from Table Ⅱ, participation figures have been steadily falling since 1970.

2.Different authors have account for the President's actions in different ways.

3.Mendel attempted to devise a system for classify the many different types of pea plant that he grew.

4.It is often most effective to present your data in a chart or table.

5.The data we have collected demonstrates that there has been a download trend with regard to job satisfaction over the last 50 years.

6.The aim of the research is to develop a news software application which will help aviation engineers design more sophisticated aircraft.

7.The archaeologists should be able to use carbon dating techniques establish exactly how old the bones are.

8.Charles Darwin attempted presented the existence of different species in terms of evolution.

Book series review

“Review of Atama-ii Books”

                                                                                                                     Akito Sato
                                                                                            Misaki Maeda
                                                                                            Yuito Koizumi

We read and thought Atama-ii Books have some lessons. Some teachers wrote
 them.They are very famous.
Let’s show three examples.

“Tornado Alley”
This story is about a tornado, which damaged a town. A researcher went there a
nd found it. He met other researchers, Andy and Jo. They were very excited but 
involved in the storm. I realized how great damage a disaster causes. Our 
technology is advanced, but we must not be careless of disasters.   
“BackStage Pass”
The main character of this story “Hugo Kong” was a famous singer in the world.
 After the concert ended, he was seen kissing his backup dancer, not his 
girlfriend who is familiar to people in dozens of countries. Unfortunately, 
he had his photo taken and published on the Internet. So the scandal was in 
everyone's mouth and wrecked his reputation.

“Immortal Empire”
In this story, a god wanted to make people and his country immortal like him 
His country grew up but the people in the country were not able to become 
happy. A man wrote a book about the poor workers. It reported the workers 
must take the factories from the rich and appealed everyone must be equal. 
After that, they can live equally and happily. Therefore, the most important thing
 is all people of the world can live equally and happily.

Therefore, we thought many people including children can read the series and 
get to know some useful lessons. A wise man keeps out of danger and fools 
rush in where angels fear to tread.
We think each person should take responsibility for his or her own behavior.
  We guess that the authors who wrote them want people all over the world to
 learn more and grow their imagination.  


Exercises 2

1. Environmental issues should be at the top of today's political agenda.
2. In the exam students had to choose three from a choice of ten essay topics.
3. There are still people who are reluctant to accept Darwin's model theory of evolution.
4. The professor decided to take moral courage as the model for his inaugural lecture.

Exercises 1

9.A. He always underlines every new word when he's reading.
     B. The study underlines the fact that very little research exists.
10.A. The liquid became solid as the temperature was lowered.
     B. The study lacks became evidence and therefore its conclusions are doubtful.


Reciprocal and reflexive ('middle') readings of the get-passive (as in get introduced, get married, get dressed or get shaved) have been taken as indicative of the status of the get-passive as a middle construction more generally.


 Historically, this interpretation is misleading, as these (marginal) get-passives refer to cultural practices that have undergone massive change between the time of the inception of the get-passive (before the 1760s) and today.


 What today are get-middles used to be canonical passives with a two-participant structure.
今日の基本的な受動態は二つの関係構造 を持つ標準的なものである。

If we do not consider the historical cultural contexts and findings from historical cultural studies, we run the risk of imposing a hegemonic present-day view on previous stages of the language, falsifying our interpretation of instances of language change.

red: level 1
yellow: level 2-5
blue: level 6-10